About Us

Caterham Cars have been the custodians of the Seven since purchasing the rights from Lotus in 1973 and have continued developing the car over the decades, refining & enhancing the design, whilst always respecting Colin Chapman’s original formula.

Today there are more Sevens racing in the world than almost any other marque, with over 700 competitors in 11 countries, during the 2006 season and the figure continues to climb. Caterham Cars SA aims to put more people in the driving seat of what is widely acknowledged as the finest 7 on the road and track.

The group companies are divided into three sectors:
• Automotive – Caterham Cars and Caterham Experience
• Motorsport – Caterham F1 Team, Caterham Racing (GP2) and Caterham Motorsport
• Specialist Engineering – Caterham Technology and Innovation and Caterham Composites

Any racing driver will tell you that success is a function of a team’s dynamic and cohesion – and the Caterham Group is no different. Here at Caterham Cars we’re extremely proud of our position as custodians of the Seven, and with it the unique Britishness and heritage of the car itself. But ultimately our objective is quite straightforward. There really is no better satisfaction than seeing the face of someone stepping out of a Caterham having driven it for the first time. The picture is unequalled anywhere and in anything else.

Had fun? You bet you did! Do it again? You bet you will!

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