How, when and where to test drive a Caterham

2015 Is here!!!….. Experience days will be held at 2.00pm on Wednesday afternoons at Zwartkops Raceway. Please arrange your attendance with Nick Davel on or call 083 304 3697. ┬áTrack days are on invitation and we will unfortunately not be able to assist without prior arrangement. If you cannot attend our Track Experience days……please call me to arrange a scenic tour of our Toll Gantries in one of our┬áSupersport R SV demo models.caterham kit car

Chris Harris reviews the Caterham Supersport R

I have only ever owned one Caterham and it was perhaps the most exciting car I’ll ever have in my garage. It was crazy fast, but the part if owning it I remember most fondly was how different the driving experience was to even the fastest cars I drove for my day job. This sounds glib and obvious, but if you hammer around in something outwardly uncompromising and speed-focused like a 996 GT3 RS, the Caterham always made it feel like a Mondeo afterwards.

Because there really is nothing quite like a Caterham. There are faster cars, there are cars with down force and lord knows what else, but sitting squished against the transmission tunnel and the chassis bars, gripping the ‘ickle wheel, you do sometimes wonder if driving nirvana begins and ends with a small car from Dartford.

This version is a Supersport R. I wanted a non-loopy Seven because I thought it would make for a better on-road video. Then I jumped in it and couldn’t believe how fast it was! Over 180hp from the Ford Duratec and a 535kg kerb weight. That makes this supposedly ordinary one about as fast the craziest R500 from a decade ago.

Hope you enjoy the video