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Track Car of the Year 2013

Join evo's Jethro Bovingdon for this year's Track car of the Year test, which sees the McLaren 12C GT Can-Am, Caterhan Seven 620R, Radical RXC, BAC Mono, Litchfield Subaru BRZ Spec S, Mini JCW GP, Supercharged Ariel Atom 3.5 and Porsche Cayman S battle battle for supremacy at Blyton Park. Track Car of the Year 2013 video Read more

Chris Harris reviews the Caterham Supersport R

I have only ever owned one Caterham and it was perhaps the most exciting car I'll ever have in my garage. It was crazy fast, but the part if owning it I remember most fondly was how different the driving experience was to even the fastest cars I drove for my day job. This sounds glib and obvious, but if you hammer around in something outwardly uncompromising and speed-focused like a 996 GT3 RS, the Caterham always made it feel like a Mondeo afterwards. Because there really is nothing quite like a Caterham. There are faster cars, there are cars with down force and lord knows what else, but sitting squished against the transmission tunnel and the chassis bars, gripping the 'ickle wheel, you do sometimes wonder if driving nirvana begins and ends... Read more